Salento travel story

The peninsula of Salento represents a excellent opportunity to combine a seaside holiday with a cultural type. For marine aspect you can choose or alternate between the coasts with long white sandy beaches like ionic or opt for the rocky inlets from the splendid sea of the adriatic coast

The cultural aspect is guaranteed by a rich heritage made up of monuments and historic buildings in which dominates the famous Baroque style of Lecce also thanks to the typical stone leccese. Cities like Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli, not to mention the many other minor centers, allow tourists to immerse themselves in other times and appreciate elements stoics and architectural features that only can be found here. My visit in this region was just a mix as described above, giving more space to cultural aspect having regard to'high number of sites and interesting reality and can be visited. As a base I used two farmhouses, one near Lecce (farmhouse Arangea) for visits to the northern part of Salento and a second farmhouse near Alessano (farmhouse Matine) for south area. The choice of holiday cottages in place of the classic hotel was made to be able to more easily grasp the flavor of the products of this land and to better appreciate the cuisine leccese. The result has given reason to the choice made, the farmhouses have proved to be good, clean, with a good level of service, hospitable and well organized. The meals offered by the two structures have allowed me to appreciate the quality of the products of this land also thanks to a light cuisine and tasty at the same time.

In addition to the visits of the major cities like Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli that during the summer period are always crowded with tourists, it is interesting to go in some minor centers rich in culture and popular traditions where you can easily enter in contact with the inhabitants always helpful and hospitable. The towns as Nardò, Specchia, Achaia, Alessano, are among these.

Worthy of note is also the campaign leccese always pleasant with charming countryside and picturesque. The lines of the hills and the undulating plain harmonize together with vegetation, almost all Arborea, present in many areas. The fields are cinti of hedges, ferns, meliloti. On the land at times multicolored rise majestic trees of figs, peach, apricot, almond trees and especially of convoluted and secular olive-trees.

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