Samos photo albums

North coast

Stretch of coast very green with different long beaches and open as those in the area of Kokkari.

South-east coast

It is the most touristy stretch of coast with several creeks that hide tiny charming beaches.

South-west coast

It is the coast is less frequented by tourists, long lonely beaches for those seeking peace.

Inside island

The inside island of Samos is a set of hills that follow one another formerly dominated mainly agriculture based on the cultivation of olives. As a result we find small towns and silent countries and interesting tranquilli.Un itself represented by numerous Orthodox monasteries located in various areas of the island who were the custodians of the traditions, arts and culture during the years of occupation as the island has undergone in its history. They are worth a visit as they are often in remote locations but lovely with very nice views of valleys, coasts and sea. They appear different from each other, cared and traditional elements rich.