Northern Sardinia photo albums

North coast

The north coast of Sardinia is certainly the best known and appreciated, particularly the Costa Smeralda which is perhaps the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. Characterized by a few beaches, often of small size, difficult to reach some secluded bays off the ground, a lot of wind and the sea moved often. Do not look great for a beach holiday but the beauty of the area and the sea overcomes the tourist even these discomforts.

North-east coast

The north-east coast of Sardinia described and depicted in this album goes from Porto Rotondo up to Orosei. fascinating coastline although less known than the North Coast (Costa Smeralda), rich with creek and small and large beaches where it is easy to carve out a quiet space. The area is dominated by the Tavolara island thanks to its majesty is the central element of the sea of this coast.

North Sardinia Travel

Photo albums with shots of the beaches and bays along the coasts of northern Sardinia

Sardinia Curiosities

Different curiosities include the famous tenor chant or the traditional carnival of Mamoiada

Cagliari Climate

grafico clima nord Sardegna
Graph of the climate of northern Sardinia month by month with rainy days, sunny days, precipitation, etc.