North Sardinia travel story

The trip that I describe below is limited to the north and north-east coast of Sardinia, which I visited in 10 days of stay on the island. The base from which to leave every day for a different destination / area (beach, coast, interior, etc.) was the structure for rural tourism called the village of Trudda la Castagna, a small town south of Olbia. The property is located in a rural area not inhabited, nestled in the green of the low Gallura in a panoramic position on the side of a gentle hill, quiet, simple and essential structure from good Sardinian cuisine.
The time of the year chosen for this holiday was the beginning of June, when the days are longer, the air temperatures are pleasant, tourists are very few and there is a high chance to find beaches or coves little frequented if not completely deserted. On the other hand, the temperature of the sea in this period is not the maximum, the water is still cold, especially in areas exposed to currents. Sardinia lives up to its fame which sees it as one of the most beautiful marine places in the Mediterranean. Its coasts have all possible varieties, sandy beaches completely white, so as to seem coral like that of the tropics, often surrounded by rocks to color with all shades of red. There is no shortage of small and large rocky bays sometimes hidden or difficult to reach from the ground which, once reached, repay the effort made to find them. In any area the sea is always beautiful with deep and intense colors where the rock is present and with softer and crystalline colors along the sandy beaches. The north coast around Palau and Santa Teresa di Gallura is the wildest, most beaten by winds with the sea often moved but full of inlets and isolated places such as the bay of Santa Reparata. Splendid are the neighboring island of La Maddalena and the nearby Caprera, an example of wild and rugged pure nature, for their morphological characteristics the best view is from the sea (by boat) but also from the ground it is possible to find and admire beautiful natural scenery. Following the coast to the east is the famous Costa Smeralda, the name and its fame do not need further comments. Jagged coastline with many inlets accessible only from the sea while the famous worldly resorts and VIPs, including Baia Sardinia and Porto Cervo, meet on the ground.
For those looking for something different it takes little to get out of this area to find again in nature and tranquility. Romazzino, Cala Razza di Giunco and Capriccioli represent beaches of notable beauty with little sand and a lot of rock, a configuration that gives the sea intense postcard colors. Shortly after Capriccioli the famous bay of Cala Di Volpe, the beach of Rena Bianca and other minor places but no less interesting. Another place known for the characters that frequent it is Porto Rotondo which is located in a small peninsula that is on the sea. Always going south and following the coast you will come across the splendid beach of Marinella before facing the Golfo degli Aranci peninsula. Towards the end of this peninsula is Cala Moresca, a small but very beautiful cove with a small beach, also worth visiting.
After the city of Olbia, the coast continues to offer natural contexts of great beauty, the whole stretch in front of the island of Tavolara is a succession of small towns, bays and white beaches, Porto Istana, Porto San Paolo and down to Capo di Coda Cavallo with its characteristic peninsula.
And 'undoubtedly, Sardinia must be turned and visited far and wide to be able to appreciate and enjoy all its beauty. Even the interior of the island deserves special attention, you can admire places of great beauty among the hills of Gallura, pleasant surprises like the "Valley of the Moon", or characteristic views with rocks of various shapes following the erosion of elements or small but simple villages where the few inhabitants are able to represent and tell what life was like in the past. You should have more time to stop and observe without the rush of the holiday running, another solution could be to return several times varying areas to visit, perhaps the best solution to visit Sardinia .....

North Sardinia photo albums

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Sardinia Curiosities

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North Sardinia Climate

grafico clima nord Sardegna
Graph of the climate of northern Sardinia month by month with rainy days, sunny days, precipitation, etc.

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