Theme - Autumn

Autumn is a season of change, the earth is tinged with new colors, silent quivers losing luxuriance, everything slowly changes, everything slows down, everything is calm. An ideal situation to observe what nature is able to express in a moment of transformation that slowly leads to lethargy represented by winter. The days are getting shorter, temperatures drop, moisture tends to rise, the animals are preparing to winter and many delicious fruits ripen like mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts.

So says the professional photographer Alex Greenshpun: "For me, the fall has always been the most magical moment. The nature comes alive with delicate golden reflections, the breeze and the fresh smell of rain." For a lover of photography autumn is an opportunity of great interest, the warm colors of nature at this time lend themselves to rich photographs of shades. Another characteristic feature of this period are the play of light and special effects that are created due to a variety of combinations between the sun and the mists, a contrast between light and shadow.

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