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The Po Delta is a hydraulic system of river branches through which the longest river in Italy and important flows into the Adriatic sea after the course in the Po Valley. The current lineup is derived from a major plumbing work carried out by the Republic of Venice in 1604. In 1999, the Po delta was included in the list of Italian heritage sites by UNESCO as an extension of the award given to the city of Ferrara in 1995. In this area there are two distinct natural parks of the Emilia Romagna region and that of the Veneto.

This large area formed by lagoons, river arms, estuaries, wetlands, reclaimed land, large forests is growing and extending to the sea (about 70 meters / year) and represents a very interesting ecosystem, rich in natural environments and a wide variety of animal and plant species that change with the changing seasons. At first superficial view this environment can seem monotonous and repetitive but actually turning its lagoons, ravines, riverbanks and oases it appears very diverse and rich with interesting ideas. Its discovery requires patience and desire for knowledge, it can be done autonomously moving according to the multiple paths and routes made specifically for tourists come or you can make excursions with experts who enable you to discover the protected area according to an environmentally friendly approach, in sailing, biking, walking and getting in touch with herons, egrets, coots and grebes.

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