Theme - Seafaring crib

In Cesenatico town, province of Forlì-Cesena, some time is the Maritime Museum, the museum that presents an outdoor section on a stretch of Leonardo's canal port town of Romagna (floating museum). In this stretch of the canal are preserved ten complete historical boats with sails including "trabaccoli" fishing, "trabaccoli" transport, "baragozzi", "paranza", etc. The museum won in 2014 the Grand Prix "Mémoire des ports de Méditérranée" (international competition), organized by the Fédération du Patrimoine Maritime Méditerranéen de Marseille for the localities that have been able to better preserve and enhance the cultural heritage and historic shipping.

This seaside historical context, in 1986 came the idea of setting up a floating nativity scene using these historical boats. A group of enthusiasts, including a sculptor, he set to work to create the life-size statues made of wood and tarpaulin, statues that recall the life of the common people of a fishing village. The scenes are made in the various boats and see the Holy Family and patron saint, San Giacomo, then we find those who sail or mending their nets, who leads the boats, who sells fish or tortillas, who works the wood, a small puppet theater, etc. The most impressive moment to visit this crib original is in the evening. Thanks to an attentive lighting study, the various characters and the same boats stand out so overbearing fascinating the visitor. The album / photo slideshow that I present only collects night shots of two years.
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