Spring's colors

This season is often called "half season" in an almost disparaging form, it is accused of an unstable and sometimes unpredictable temperament, especially in the month of March (remember the popular saying: March, crazy month, look at the sun and take the umbrella). In spring we find some winter features like the wind but other features that tell us that things are changing. The alternation of the first days of warm sun with others of abundant rain, of turbulent wind, of heat and cold that suddenly exchange the scene are a stimulus for the awakening of nature.

la primavera alle falde dell'Etna

There are several famous phrases that see spring involved, here are two that I think deserve to be mentioned:
"A man can kill a flower, two flowers, three ... But it cannot contain spring" by Mahatma Gandhi.

"I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees "a declaration of love by Pablo Neruda.

The positive violence with which this season breaks into our lives after the cold winter months is unstoppable, the trees turn green, the flowers bloom, the first blades of grass sprout and even the animals wake up from hibernation. Precisely the concept of awakening binds well to the arrival of spring, which is like a heart that slowly begins to beat again.

People are also involved in this season that represents a positive moment of rebirth and renewal, of newness that is emerging inside or outside of us that can naturally represent the beginning of a new bond, a feeling that is blossoming, the hope of a new love .....

This is another interesting moment for a photography enthusiast, nature wakes up showing off its beauty that is expressed through rebirth, with multiple colors, with strong colors and intense contrasts that create scenarios of certain interest.
Gems, flowers, lawns, clear skies, trees and various animals are the main actors of this time of year without forgetting what cannot be transmitted, photographing them but only telling,  the scents.

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