Theme - Sunsets in the world

In the world there are many wonders some of which pass before our eyes, often distracted, without which we observe them as they deserve; the sunset is one of them. If we pause to reflect, we realize that this phenomenon offered by Mother Nature does not happen once a day but occurs continuously around the world. Only this thought should surprise and excite us just as it does when we look at one with attention and admiration.

Depending on how and where the sun dips below the horizon radically change scenarios to create various situations, just recently, a cloud in the longer horizon, the horizon irregular profile, the presence of haze or fog, and more, as much as enough to ensure that a sunset is never equal to another. All of us well or ill we took pictures to capture the moment, in fact, of photographs on the subject are to be found in large quantities on the net and I too would like to present a few clicks on sunsets, photos taken during my travels around the world.
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