Turkey curiosities and traditions

Turkish bath

For Turkish turkish bath he has always been a form of social life, particularly for women. Tradition has it that the "bathing ceremony Wedding", an extensive and particular series of washes, it takes a day before the wedding party. The "bath forty days" for a woman, marks the fortieth day after the birth of a child. The "bathroom to dry her tears" will bring all the relatives and friends of a deceased 20 days after his death. The '' bathroom of the devotee, "you make when you want a person to be converted. The hostess is organizing the "guest bathroom" for friends and family to meet a special guest. The "holiday bath" is performed on the eve of the most important religious holidays.
For women, the bathrooms were also beauty salons where facial care, hair and body was available all day along with a treatment based on herbs with various oils. Sweaty body was rubbed with silk gloves or flax (kese) to remove all the old skin and was run multiple times to purify it of toxins.

Turkish superstitions

Turkish culture is full of superstitions, some are similar to our other are very special. Below is a simple and small list of the most characteristic and unusual:

  • You can not eat putting one foot to another, it means disrespect to the table and is considered as a sign of famine
  • It is considered as a bad omen when a rabbit passes in front of a machine.
  • The milk may not be given to anyone in the dark of the night, it is said that if it is then given the cow produces more milk.
  • Linen is not washed on saturdays and tuesdays.
  • Leave out the washed baby clothes until sunset causes the child to be bewitched.
  • Scissors can not change hands in hand, because the gap is regarded as an enemy.
  • No one should go in front of the bridal car.
  • It is considered ominous when a cock crows before dawn.
  • It is believed that anyone who passes under the rainbow will change sex.
  • Trampling the ash is not good, the person might end up being paralyzed.
  • When the droppings of a bird fall on the head, it means that the person is lucky and earn money.
  • A shooting star is synonymous with death.
  • If a child looks through the space between her legs, it means that a guest will come home.
  • To enter a room with the right leg is synonymous with good luck.
  • Those who see the stork fly passes the year traveling all the time, anyone who sees it on land remains in his home and does not move for a year.
  • It is believed that if a gap remains open in a home, a family fight begins.

The Sema, bridal night

Sema or Seb-i Arus, which means nuptial night or Union Night, is a ceremony that is held every year on the anniversary of the death of Mevlana (Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi is an Anatolian mystic born in 1207, a figure who for Turks It gave hope and inspiration to mankind). It begins after the afternoon prayer with the reading of the Koran. According to Mevlana's teachings, human beings are born twice, one of their mothers and the second time of his own body. The real is the second birth, the spiritual birth. A long period of spiritual meditation is necessary before you can participate in the whirling dance, for whom wearing a tall hat that symbolizes the tomb of carnality, a black cloak, symbol of ignorance and matter, under which wearing a white dress It is the shroud. You dance to the music played the ney rebap, three-stringed instrument. The ceremony involves distinct phases with different rituals. The most impressive stage, divided into four parts, called "greetings" (salâm). One by one the 18 dancers make their way to the master (head of the dancers), kiss his hand, which he kissed are on the edge of the felt hat, begin to rotate on themselves and having opened his arms and always spinning around themselves begin to turn around the room, his right hand once to heaven to receive the gifts of God, his left hand when the earth to dispense to all present the gifts received from God. So all turn from right to left, in a 'wide swirling image while the head of the dancers slowly passes between them.

Turkish coffee and wedding

Coffee is a drink known in all the countries of the world but often different methods are used for its preparation based on the culture and traditions of the population of a given geographical area. Turkish or Turkish coffee is among the best known also because it is prepared through the use of the characteristic cevze, a special copper or brass pot, according to a precise ritual method. What is less known is how coffee becomes an important element in a pre-marital ceremony.
The Turkish tradition wants the groom's parents to be seen in the house of the future bride to ask her family for her daughter's hand. During this ceremonial, the future bride serves Turkish coffee with sugar to everyone except the future groom. In his coffee there is salt instead of sugar. The future groom must drink the entire cup without showing disgust and without delay. If he can do it, it means that he intends to join his promised bride in addition to being a demonstration of manhood.

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