Raja Ampat (West Papua) travel story

Agusta Resort

Comfortable Resort surrounded by greenery and wild nature of the homonymous island surrounded by a sea of multiple shades of color.

Agusta Resort sunsets

Series of tropical sunsets taken from the Agusta Resort where the warm sunlight plays with the clouds creating remarkable scenographic effects.


One of the most beautiful lagoons in Raja Ampat, large and small rocks emerge from the emerald green water giving unique images and scenarios

Rufas island

From the deep blue of the sea of Raja Ampat emerges this small island with a splendid internal lagoon with intense shades of green

The Passage

This winding and narrow passage between two islands winds through rocks rich in vegetation where the water takes on multiple shades of green and blue

Fish and corals

The great variety of corals with the most spectacular colors together with the many small and large tropical fish are the reason that make Raja Ampat famous

Indonesian villages

Visit to some Indonesian villages lost in the great archipelago of Raja Ampat.

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Raja Ampat
travel story

A constellation of wild islands with a marine life full of beautifully colored corals and many tropical fish

West Papua curiosities

Curiosities of this Indonesian archipelago including the bird of paradise or the tribal festival in Belem

Sorong climate

Sorong climate graph, month by month with days of sun, of rain, precipitation, sunshine.

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