Raja Ampat (West Papua) travel

Travel story

An archipelago in the center of the "Coral Triangle" with its seabed rich in tropical fish and magnificent corals ....  continue

Raja Ampat photo album

Series of albums that collect the most interesting and characteristic photos of the Raja Ampat Islands taken during Robert's travel.

West Papua curiosities

There are several curiosities in this area of Indonesia including the great tribal festivals or the variants of the bird of paradise  .... continue

West Papua curiosities

Video with filming from the drone on the most beautiful islands, stretches of sea and lagoons of Raja Ampat

West Papua curiosities

Video with underwater shots of the many variegated corals and the numerous tropical fish of Raja Ampat

Sorong Climate

Climate graph of Sorong month by month with sunny days, average temperatures, relative humidity, etc.

San Blas Islands map

Map of the islands, lagoons and atolls visited on the trip to Raja Ampat West Papua

Travel safe

World Health Organization
Web site to consult for general info and health info before tackling a trip to West Papua.

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