Zakynthos photo albums

East Coast

In the stretch to the north of this coast stands the town of Alykes along with Alykavas represent the second tourist point of the island thanks to several sandy beaches which are developed in this stretch of coastline. To the north of Alykes begins the mountainous area where the steep coast offers the most famous caves of the island (Blue Caves).
The stretch of coastline to the south (after the city of Zakynthos) offers some sort of bathing areas in the far south with white sandy beaches, large, well equipped and easy to reach.

West Coast

Entirely rocky coast, with virtually no beaches, a continuous steep and high walls overlooking the sea a big natural spectacle that can be seen only from the sea. The erosion of the sea on this type of rock draws large and small caverns and caves, coves, cliffs, rocks and split. The pearl of this coast is the famous "Shipwreck Beach" and only a small sandy beach surrounded by high cliffs. On the beach the wreck of a ship of smugglers foundered precisely on this beach.

South Coast

This is the most frequented by tourists coast because there are long sandy beaches. Laganas is the most famous seaside resort in which many young people, especially English, get together and go wild in the long nights rocking in many nightclubs and discos in this town. The stretch to the east of this stretch of coast is known for some beaches where the "Caretta-Caretta" turtles lay their eggs.

Inside island

The island's interior is quite different from the point of view of the vegetation, it passes easily from rocky and arid zone stretches from the Mediterranean vegetation with many cypresses. The most mountainous area is spread from north to south following the one that is the west coast of the island. Inside congenial small sparsely inhabited villages from a predominantly elderly population always welcoming and friendly towards tourists.

Zakynthos city

Only real town on the island has a structure in orthogonal streets between them. The very tourist center and browse the shops, clubs and restaurants. Even the harbor area is full of typical restaurants that offer good fish. The Venetian castle of Bohali overlooking the city and remember what was the ancient city of Zakynthos town, from here you can see a beautiful view of the city.