Zakynthos travel story

Zakynthos is presented as an island with a similar shape to a triangle, crossed by rugged mountains to the west and then east to degrade a wide, green plain. The island offers many opportunities for tourists who prefers both locations or beaches bustling with a busy nightlife that quiet places where you can spend relaxing days. From the naturalistic point of view, Zakynthos offers a good variety barren areas and areas with intense green, long coastline and sandy and rocky stretches passing lapped by clear blue sea. The small size allow you to visit it easily thanks to a good road network that has as the tragic flaw of signage scarcity. Following the morphology of the coast you can consider splitting the island into five zones.

East Coast

Stretch of coastline that develops north of Zakynthos town in which stands the town of Alykes along with Alykavas are the second tourist center. Tourism development is due to the presence of a low coast with a number of sandy beaches which are developed around a quiet bay. To the north of Alykes begins the mountainous area where the coast while not very high because it is still inaccessible and with few spaces for bathing. Toward the northernmost part so close to the northern tip of the island are the famous Blue Caves, sea caves passable with small boats, very characteristics. And 'the trait that develops south of the city of Zakynthos. Initially presents with a few bathing areas even though the costs are low enough, then, heading south, offers several white sandy beaches, large, well equipped and easy to get to as Porto Roma, Azzurro, Banana, etc.

West Coast

Entirely rocky, with virtually no beaches (with rare exceptions), a continuous steep and high walls overlooking the sea a big natural spectacle that can be seen only from the sea. The erosion of the sea on this type of rock draws large and small caverns and caves, coves, cliffs, rocks and split. The pearl of this coast and the whole island is the famous "Shipwreck Beach" and only a small sandy beach nestled between high cliffs that seem to want to protect from prying eyes, a truly engaging spectacle given both by the imposing cliffs from strong color contrasts between light sand, rocks and sea. On the beach the wreck of a smuggler's ship sank in the waters off cigarettes in 1983, over the years the wreck was gradually surrounded and engulfed by the sand. This wonder should live is from above (easy internal road takes a vantage point) and by sea using various excursions that all agencies offer.

South Coast

This is the most frequented by tourists coast because there are long sandy beaches. Laganas is the most well-known seaside resort in which many young people find themselves and let themselves go and long nights in the many nightclubs and discos in this town. The sea of Laganas is not the best, the town beach has small spaces where the bathrooms and the beds are side by side in a context of confusion and loud music. Not all of the south coast is so, to the west things change, the more quiet beaches with calm seas and clear waters are followed up to Keri. The stretch to the east of this coast is known for some beaches where the "Caretta-Caretta" turtles. Nests are constantly monitored by volunteers who are active in informing tourists and prevent eggs suffer damage.

Inside island

The interior is quite different from the point of view of the vegetation, it passes easily from rocky and arid zone stretches from the Mediterranean vegetation with many cypresses. The most mountainous area is spread from north to south following the one that is the west coast of the island. Inside congenial small sparsely inhabited villages from a predominantly elderly population always welcoming and friendly towards tourists. In these areas it lives mainly on tourism and handicrafts based on simple processing of carpets. Given the climate and terrain conditions, agriculture is based mainly on the olive, traveling inland roads you constantly meet with characteristic olive trees with twisted trunks. Only real island Zakynthos town and city, a city with an orthogonal street structure between them. The very tourist center houses a variety of shops, clubs and restaurants. Even the harbor area is full of typical restaurants that offer good fish. for those looking for references to the poet Ugo Foscolo, who was born in Zakynthos, it remains a bit 'disappointed, the only one present track is the site of his birthplace (now no more) remembered by a small cenotaph with a sculpture . Bohali is the name of the Venetian castle overlooking the city and remember what was the ancient city suburb that really was not the sea for obvious reasons of defense against Turkish raids. It pays to get to the village, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole city and the bay front.

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